Trained at California Institute of the Arts, Jerry Rees is a Director of live-action, animation, mixed-media and immersive films / experiences. In addition to theatrical features, he has Directed a record-setting 16 Disney Theme Park attractions in Florida, Paris, Hong Kong and Anaheim, as well as aboard the Disney Cruise Line.

He has had the pleasure of Directing a broad range of actors, from Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Alec Baldwin, Martin Short, and Drew Carey to Kim Basinger, Julie Delpy, Goldie Hawn, and Ileanna Douglas. He has even played director to the likes of George Lucas and Kevin Smith.

In addition to being a member of the DGA and WGA, he is an Animator,
Sculptor, and Fine Artist, dedicated to the use of digital technology in the service of emotion, character, storytelling and human connectedness.

Jerry is currently serving at Walt Disney Imagineering as a PH Executive Research & Development Imagineer.

As Director

“The Marvel Experience” / Hero Ventures / Marvel
CGI immersive & interactive dome experience, including 360º stereoscopic 3-D
CAST: Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Maria Menounos, Paul Levesque, a.k.a. Triple H, Misty Lee, Nolan North

“The Marrying Man” / Hollywood Pictures
Live-action feature.
CAST: Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin, Paul Reiser, Elisabeth Shue, Robert
Loggia, Armande Asante, Fisher Stevens

“The Brave Little Toaster” / Hyperion
Animated feature.
CAST: (voices of) Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman, Tim Stack, Judy Toll, Deanna Oliver

“Cinemagique” / Euro-Disney *
Large format live action film and in-theater illusion.
CAST: Martin Short, Julie Delpy, Tcheky Karyo, Alan Cumming

*Winner of 2003 THEA Award for "Outstanding Achievement - Attraction"

“Disneyland - The First 50 Magical Years” / Disneyland Anaheim
Directed all live portions of this live action/CGI fantasy documentary which opened 2005.
CAST: Steve Martin, Art Linkletter

“Back To Neverland” / Disney MGM Studios*
Live-action/ animation combo.
CAST: Robin Williams**, Walter Cronkite

*Winner Best Documentary, Houston Film Festival.
**This project led directly to the casting of Robin Williams in Disney’s Aladdin.

“Animation Magic” / Disney Cruise Line*
Concept & Direction for live experience, using hidden technology to bring to life 700 freehand drawings done by guests. Plays in the Animator's Palate venue aboard Disney's new cruise ships the
Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

*Winner of 2012 THEA award for "Outstanding Achievement - Ingenious Use of Technology".

"Mystic Manor" / Disneyland Hong Kong*
Directed media aspects for ride-through attraction, including 360º projection-mapped climactic scene.

* Winner of 2013 THEA Award for "Outstanding Achievement - Attraction"

“Sounds Dangerous" / Disney MGM Studios
Live-action and binaural sound show. Sit-down theatre attraction.
CAST: Drew Carey, Ann Magnuson

“Cranium Command” / Disney’s Epcot
13 minute live-action show with 8 screens and 2 audio-animatronic figures. Over 90 minutes of footage displayed due to the multi-screen set-up.
Took over after Disney retired Colossal Pictures, who were in production. Wrote new story and directed all elements.
CAST: Charles Grodin, Jon Lovitz, Bobcat Goldthwait, Dana Carvey,
Kevin Neeland, George Wendt

“Rockin’ Roller Coaster” / Disney MGM Studios & Euro-Disney
Live-action, large format Showscan and video. Bookend scenes to set-up and pay-off thrill ride. Shot 2 versions for the 2 parks.
CAST: Aerosmith (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Brad Witford, Tom Hamilton), Illeana Douglas, Ken Marino, Lisa Kushell

“Extra-Terrorestrial Alien Encounter” / Magic Kingdom at Disney World
20 minute live-action / CGI attraction that takes place in 4 rooms in Tomorrowland.
CAST: Kevin Pollack, Jeffery Jones, Kathy Njimy, Tyra Banks, Tim Curry

“Michael & Mickey” / Disney MGM Studios
Live-action / animation combo. Theatrical short
Replaced Robert Zemeckis, who was ill. Reworked concept, then used Zemeckis’ Roger Rabbit DP and crew.
CAST: Michael Eisner

"Countdown to Extinction, a.k.a. Dinosaur" / Animal Kingdom at Disney World
Live-action / CGI scenes that bookend a ride-through audio-animatronic venue.
CAST: Wallace Langham, Phylicia Rashad

“Tourist From Hell” / Disney MGM Studios
live action instructional
CAST: Goldie Hawn, Rick Moranis

“The Editing Story” / Disney MGM Studios
Live action instructional
Called 3 days before cameras rolled to redo story and take over as director.
CAST: George Lucas, Anthony Daniels

“O' Canada” / Disney’s Epcot
Live action addition of onscreen host to update “circle-vision theater” tour of Canada.
Premiered September 2007.
CAST: Martin Short

“Susie’s Hope" / Indie Feature*
Low budget live-action feature - true story about a woman who survived an attack by an abused pit bull, but lost her unborn child. Then adopted an abused pit bull puppy and went on to change laws in North Carolina to bring criminal punishment to those who abuse animals.

CAST: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Andrea Powell, Burgess Jenkins

*Winner 2013 Greenville International Film Festival for "Glory Award - overall excellence", "Best Director", "Audience Choice", "Best Actress, Emmanuelle Vaugier", "Best Narrative Feature"

“Disney’s California Adventure” / ABC
Live-action - 1 hour prime time special.
Called 4 days before cameras rolled to take over direction
CAST: Richard Kind, Barry Bostwick, Patrick Warburton, Colin Mochrie

“Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks” / Independent
Widescreen Hi-Def live action/puppetry/CGI feature. Direct to DVD. Also animated all CGI effects.
Directed live action, animated all special effects and did 2 voices for Producer friends who wanted a quality piece for a reasonable price.
CAST: Janice Karman, Ross Bagdasarian

“Doctor of Doom” / Personal / Cult
Featurette, co-directed with Tim Burton.
Parody of Mexican horror movies, shot in black and white.
CAST: Tim Burton, Harry Sabin, Michael Giaimo, Cynthia Prince, Chris Buck, Darrell Van Citters, Jerry Rees
VOICES: Brad Bird, Randy Cartwright, Jerry Rees

“Luau” / Personal / Cult
Featurette, co-directed with Tim Burton.
Parody of beach movies.
DP: Randy Cartwright
CAST: Tim Burton, Jerry Rees, Joe Ranft, John Musker, Gale Musker, Rebecca Rees, Mike Gabriel, Harry Sabin, Darrell Van Citters, Sue Kroyer, Sue Frankenburger, Terry Hamada, Phil Young, Ben Burges, Rick Heinricks, Brett Newton, George Sukara, Ed Gombert, Jay Jackson, Louis Tate, Brian McEntee, Cynthia Prince

As Producer

“Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular”/Disney-MGM Studios
2400 seat amphitheater show.
Sent by George Lucas to give the show a makeover prior to opening. Lucas, Eisner and Katzenberg reviewed and approved the result.

“Spacejam” / Warner Bros. (Animation Producer)
Live-action, animation combined feature.
Acted as animation director in response to emergency call from Reitman’s company 7 weeks out from live shoot. Collected storyboard and animation crew, and brought on two animation directors. Continued as animation producer for additional contract term of 9 months.
CAST: Michael Jordan

As Writer

"Susie's Hope” / Indie Feature
Page one rewrite prior to Directing, screen credit as co-writer.

“Betty Boop” / MGM / Zanuck

Sole Writer, Producer of animated feature with Lili and Richard Zanuck Executive Producing, Deal with Alan Ladd Jr.

"Casper” / Amblin
Production Rewrite at Steven Spielberg’s request after he read the Betty Boop original screenplay.

“Roger Rabbit Prequel” / Amblin
Sold Original Story to Steven Spielberg, after pitching and getting support from Jeffrey Katzenberg and Peter Schneider.

“Small Soldiers” / Amblin
Wrote Treatment

“Rand Robinson Robot Repairman” / Interscope
Writer, Attached to Direct

“The Kiss” / Sony-Columbia-Lisa Henson
Original Story and Screenplay, pitched to and embraced by Lisa Henson. Under contract as Writer/Director.

“The Brave Little Toaster”

“Back To Neverland”
Original Story, Writer/Director

“Oddyssey” / WildBrain
Attached as Director – Wrote Screenplay – pitching for turnaround, script available to read

“Witchgirl” / WildBrain
Attached as Director – Wrote Screenplay based on original story by Tamara Lusher-Stocker – pitching for turnaround, script available to read

“5 Brothers” / WildBrain
Attached as Director – Wrote Screenplay – available to read

As Crew

“Tron” / Disney Studios
Trans-Media Theatrical Feature
Production Storyboards, CGI Sequence Director

"The Fox and The Hound" / Disney Studios
Animated Theatrical Feature
Character Animator

"The Small One" / Disney Studios
Animated Theatrical Featurette
Character Animator

"Pete's Dragon" / Disney Studios
Live-action / Animation Combo Theatrical Feature
Animation Clean-up Artist during final production crunch


has had the pleasure of directing:

Kim Basinger
Julie Delpy
Steve Martin
Martin Short
Robin Williams
Drew Carey
Alec Baldwin
Alan Cumming
Goldie Hawn
Kevin Pollak
Robert Loggia
Armande Assante
Illeana Douglas
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Andrea Powell
George Lucas
Walter Cronkite
Kevin Smith (voice)
Stan Lee (voice)
Tyra Banks
Steven Tyler
Michael Eisner
John Lasseter
Paul Reiser
Jon Lovitz
Charles Grodin
Richard Kind
Rick Moranis
Tcheky Karyo
Dana Carvey
Art Linkletter
Colin Mochrie
Patrick Warburton
Ann Magnuson
Elisabeth Shue
Phylicia Rashad
George Wendt
Jeffrey Jones
Barry Bostwick
Tim Curry
Bobcat Goldthwait
Kathy Najimy
Kevin Nealon
Fisher Stevens
Wallace Langham
Marco Leonardi
Tim Stack (voice)
Phil Hartman (voice)
Maria Menounos (voice)
Paul Levesque, a.k.a. "Triple H" (voice)


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