Directed by Jerry Rees

Including story development, pre-viz animatics during preproduction and first-draft compositing of production effects

Martin Short, Julie Delpy, Tcheky Karyo, Marco Leonardi, Alan Cumming, Michael O'Hagan


"Conceived, written and directed in a way that just makes you smile. It is indeed our industry at its most outstanding."

Themed Entertainment Association


Winner of THEA award for best attraction, 2003


Above, from the THEA awards program, Julie Delpy as the romantic lead in our nod to "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and Alan Cumming as a silent era Wizard.

Right, Marco Leonardi as a silent movie Sheik.


The CineMagique venue as seen from the courtyard.


Inside as the 1,100 audience members gather.


A live host, who not only greets everyone, but continues to interact with a guest who is transported through our screen into the world of the movies.

Director Jerry Rees sets up a shot in which Martin Short, eager interloper into the world of the movies, accidentally strays into the action-adventure genre.

Jerry Rees and Tcheky Karyo preparing for battle.


Julie Delpy, Martin Short and Tcheky Karyo confer with Jerry Rees just before the camera rolls.


Director of Photography Thomas Ackerman looks on as Jerry Rees gets Mr. Vader properly and evilly motivated.


One might take for granted that this charming moment between Pinocchio and Martin Short was crafted through "special effects". While this is true, Martin was required to undergo some harrowing measures that went far beyond computers and digital mattes. Check out the photos below.
"Before shooting the underwater scenes I asked Marty what his biggest concern was. After all, I knew this wasn't going to be his most pleasant day. I wanted to do whatever possible to make sure that he could be his usual sparkling self in front of the camera. I was surprised when he said he'd prefer to stay submerged for as long as possible instead of getting in and out after every shot. He figured he'd stay warmer that way. So I showed him the storyboards, and discussed how to group shots to maximize his 'down' time. A diver was assigned to take his regulator away just before action and get it back to him immediately after cut. I spoke to him through a submerged speaker system and directed him in several different shots before he came back to the surface. We kept repeating the process, getting as much accomplished each time he went down. Just in case anybody is wondering, Martin Short is a total trooper! Amazingly, on this very challenging day, we wrapped early."

Jerry Rees

Every time he surrendered his regulator, Martin had to wipe the bubbles off his face before the scene could proceed. Peter Romano was our Underwater DP. At the right, Martin's "breather" diver waits.

Swimming in style, with a tailored suit and comfortable shoes.


The underwater set and bluescreen was put together at Tank One Productions.


The tank at Tank One Productions.

Martin Short dodging gunfire out in Lancaster, California. The Western town was built from scratch by our versatile Production Designer Craig Stearns. The gunslingers were provide by renowned Stunt Coordinator John Moio.

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CineMagique was fortunate to have Elliott Marks, cofounder of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers, as its set photographer. During the shoot Elliott Marks and Martin Short conspired to present director Jerry Rees with this wonderful signed photo from the Mary Poppins set.

Julie Delpy, wearing one of many exquisite Colleen Atwood designs, poses with director Jerry Rees. Another Elliott Marks photo.


Julie Delpy and Martin Short reminding the CineMagique audience that it's all about love and happy endings.